pirmdiena, 2012. gada 16. janvāris

Happiness ^^

Hey! :)
How do you do, my dear readers? :) I'm so happy that after this day I have just one exam left in this January session :) Today I passed physiology, I really thought it would be much harder [as I learned all this amount of information just for two days], but I got the easiest questions in my opinion and could answer everything. And also biochemistry was a gift - I knew maybe 10 questions out of 50, but somehow guessed many others and got 9 in the end :) And also I have 9 at vegetation & soil and German, so nice :)
And snow is also a great gift - I really thought we will have no winter this year, but now it's a bit below zero and snow is there for few days ^^
And I also was crazy enough to buy a ticket to Nightwish concert in Helsinki ^^ Nobody [as always] will go with me, as it's a bit expensive [for people that are not Nightwish fans, and none of my friends are], and I'll have a chance to show myself that I really can do everything. Because I have a friend, who really can do everything - she can go to any random person, ask everything and so on. And I'm always the one who don't like [very much] to talk with totally unknown people, I almost always ask my friends or family to do it for me. And this time there will be nobody to ask :D I just have to order bus tickets & a hostel and wait for 10th of March ^^
Have a nice day :)

2 komentāri:

  1. Yay for getting the ticket ^^

    You could stay at our place ;) We have a sofa for guests. With toys on it :D But I can ask them to move a lil' bit. They are usually very kind :D

    I could show you around - some boring forests, a lake and tracks of hares, the usual Finnish stuff :D

    1. Awww, that would be so nice to stay at yours place, if it doesn't cause inconvenience :)
      I would like to meet you and also see Finnish nature ^^ And lake & forests can't be boring, at least for me :D

      Maybe we could arrange everything by e-mail (as I still have to order bus tickets & plan dates and times), mine is morga2@inbox.lv :)


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