trešdiena, 2011. gada 18. maijs

Lights, Camera, Action!

Today was funny)) At our faculty of biology new movie is being filmed)) I was trying to find something at the internet, but there's no information, and also our dean and secretary didn't know, just anatomy teacher said that it will be a criminal film :D It was like `wtf?` for me, when I went to my BF and saw flag of USSR and not a common text `LU Bioloģijas fakultāte` on a board near door, but `Communist Party of the Soviet Union. City Committee, Sovietsk city` :D And after anatomy they even didn't let us go through corridor and told to shut up :D Hope I'll find out what a film is it :)
And now photos :)
Tomorrow I maybe will take my camera with me, so I'll take some photos if staff will let me :D
And today I also was at faculty of physics&maths, and there was a fire, lol :D When I came there wasn't smoke already, but smell was nasty :D And I even don't know what burned there, cause from outside everything looked ok, and also at the corridor at 3rd floor (somebody told that fire was there) also was nothing)) Great day :D
Bye for now! ;*

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