ceturtdiena, 2011. gada 26. maijs

Crazy May

I want to sleep so much :// But I can't - there's so much to do this month that I don't know how to organize my time to make it all. Actually, I feel like a zombie, I even don't want to eat - I just have breakfast & then drink peach juice rest of the day. That's sick. And I'm afraid of session so much this time - I don't know how I'll pass anatomy & Earth science.
Anyway, main idea of this post wasn't to complain, but to show you some photos. Last Saturday I was in a forest with my friend Sintija and my teacher - we did some research for our course works, after a month we will go there again to see results and collect insects that we caught. Was really funny, but this forest was so wet, there were so many fallen trees & bushes that it was impossible to walk there normally :D I killed ~200 mosquitoes and found 3 tick on me, lol. So, few photos (first four are taken by my teacher):
Measuring distance between a tree and glass for catching insects
Food finally :D Hah, I'm looking like an idiot, but what else could I wear if I go to swamp? :D
That's how we are catching insects
Cute tritons :)
And yesterday to Riga arrived biggest ship that ever was here - Costa Pacifica, so I went to see it after lectures. It wasn't so big as I thought, but still I took some photos :)
And at the evening I went to Mangaļsala, where Daugava river flows into the sea to see this ship there. I never saw so many people in this place, even in summer, lol :D Seems like in Latvia nothing else happens, so even this ship is interesting :D
Here you can see how this ship looks inside, really amazing :)
And now I'll watch formula-1 friday practice 2 in Monaco, so I'll show you some other pics later :)
See you! ;*

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  1. When I need to do really a lot, I write long lists with all the tasks, and then for each big task - list of small ones within it. And when I do something, I mark it there. It helps to see your progress :) And tasks look more manageable, when they're small.

    And lovely photos, by the way :) I was going to study biology at first, but then chose psychology. *traitor* ^^

  2. Ekaterina Trayt, thanks :)
    I also write all the tasks I have to do, it is easier, but still there are no time for everything...
    Psychology is also interesting :)


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