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A very long post.

Heeeey, my dear readers! The ones who still remember me and keep waiting for a new post after almost 3 months of silence from me :) I'm finally back and I'll try to write more often. For last 2 months I didn't have any free day at all, but now I decided that I must finally write something here, as many people even don't know anything about my life. In short - everything is awesome! ^^ So, get some tea (at least I am drinking tea right now, as it's quite cold outside) or something else and prepare for many-many photos and long stories :)
May started quite interesting, as me & my friends from Biomimicry Design Challenge team went to Sweden. I will show you photos and tell about the trip in the next post, now I will just say that everything was great. We walked around Stockholm, I met many new people on the ferry (we're now friends with one guy from Liepāja), had a crazy party, watched hockey with many fans and even touched an elephant! ^^
On 8th of May me & my Dad went to Jaunciems as we do it every year to take photos of windflowers (Anemone nemorosa). Of course, it was raining (I have my personal cloud, I guess, as nobody got the rain that day, just me), but we managed to take some photos I like :)
Windflowers ^^
Much more of them ^^
Little river of Langa
The house of beavers
On 11th of May I went to my grandma, as she celebrated her 75th birthday. Many relatives came and we had an interesting evening.
Grandma's brother Edgars, Mum's friends Dace and Harijs, my grandma, my Mom, my cousin Mārtiņš & me.
The cake ^^
Also May was the month of the hockey. I tried to watch as many games as possible, even went to the fan tent for the first time (we have one in the city, where many fans get together to watch games when Latvia is playing). Unfortunately, Finland was just 4th again, Latvia played awfully, but I was so happy for Switzerland, they played awesome this year ^^ And one more thing related to sports - I had a chance to visit Gumball 3000, as all these cars were in Riga on 21st of May. And you know I'm crazy about cars! It was raining and I didn't have my camera with me, so I'll put here just one photo, but you can find much more if you click on the previous link :)
Nice cars ^^
My Bachelor's work
At the end of the May I had one more exam and also I had to hand in my Bachelor's work. I almost got crazy with it, as I had to correct and rewrite everything many times, but nobody said it will be easy :) But on the bright side - we had some parties with my girls at Old Riga, and also on 31st of May me & my boyfriend went to Sigulda, as his friends from Bloody Heels had a concert there. We arrived there at the morning and walked around the city all day, searching for caches. By the way, it's a perfect way to explore places you've never been before, as they're usually placed at some interesting points. At the evening we went to the concert finally, this time I couldn't do crazy headbanging, as there were many little girls and I was afraid to kill them accidentally :D
Bobsleigh track in Sigulda
In June I had to start working, as I got the job finally ^^ I applied for it in February already, but they had some problems to coordinate everything, so I started just in June. But this job is awesome - after the first day already I could say that I've done point 100 of my wishlist - `to find the job I like` ^^ I'm working at VAAD (in Latvian - Valsts Augu Aizsardzības Dienests or State Plant Protection Service in English, National Phytosanitary Laboratory) as an entomologist. People send us plants if they're affected in some way, and we have people who test if there are some fungi, insects, mites, viruses, bacteria or nematodes that cause the disease. Also we have inspectors that bring us insects, insect traps and so on, so that they can predict the amount of pests this year. The job is really interesting (as I like insects, of course), in summer there is so much to do, so the free time is a problem (and my salary isn't big now, as I'm just learning how to do everything), but I have the best colleagues ever and I always can get some support from them ^^
My work place & me :D
On 6th of June I finally had to answer my Bachelor's work presentation. Everything went quite well, reviewer wanted to give me 9 for the work, but committee decided to give me 10 at the end, so cool ^^
Evita, Zane, Sandra & me, celebrating the graduation on 18.06.
On 15th of June I went to Kolka with my biologists, as we wanted to celebrate our graduation (a week before the actual date, but later it wouldn't be possible to get together). There weren't many people, just about 20 (although we are more than 60 together), but we had much fun, as it's Kolka! ^^ The awesome sea, warm summer nights, camp fire, sauna and feeling of freedom... We spent there 2 days, walked around, remembered everything that happened during these 3 years when we're together, climbed up the sightseeing tower (a new tower is built there near the sea) and so on ^^
View from the tower ^^
And the next week, on 21st of June I finally had my graduation! :) Everything started at 10 a.m., so we were sleepy a bit, but, of course, so happy. I was one of the 4 people who finished the faculty (got Bachelor's degree) with red diploma (all my marks are 9 & 10, just in zoology I had 8) ^^ My Mom, friends from school and my boyfriend came to the graduation, so later we went to the park to take photos and went to eat some pizza to celebrate it. But you know, I would love to learn all this stuff again, to be together with my biologists and to go to Kolka to field practice once again, so I even was a bit sad to finish the faculty... On the bright side - I still have 2 years to get Master's degree, I already handed in my documents and in September I'll be at my beloved faculty again ^^
Me, Artūrs and Anna (our entomologists). We gave this drawing (asked one girl to draw it for us) to our teacher to say him thanks for these 3 years ^^
Me & my friend Sintija (both with red diplomas ^^) and me & my boyfriend ^^
Žanete, Evija, me & Gerda
My Mom & me
Sandra, Zane & me
On the next day, on 22nd June my boyfriend had his graduation at school (btw, he handed in his documents to study at Faculty of Biology, and he got 31st place out of 60, who will study for free there ^^). We celebrated his graduation too, and on the next day went to Jūrmalciems (a little village near Liepāja) to celebrate Midsummer or Jāņi in Latvian. Spent awesome 2 days there, swam in the Baltic sea, played football and basketball, walked around and so on... And I met a new friend - cute little 9 month old puppy Leo ^^ Well, he's Saint Bernard, so he's not as little as you imagine, but he was so cute! He followed me, wanted to hug me and tried to be so sweet ^^ And he even jumped into our car when he had to leave...
He is SO cute! ^^
Flowers ^^
We were back in Riga quite late, so I didn't even get home before my work, all my clothes were dirty because of football :D So I got to work wearing boyfriend's shirt, with a graduation dress in my bag and even without my shoes :D But colleagues gave me so much chocolate, flowers, tomatoes and cookies, as I got my Bachelor's degree ^^ Did I say already that I have the best colleagues ever?
Gifts for me ^^
At the first weekend of July I continued to explore Latvia, and I went to Alūksne with my boyfriend, as there was some poetry evening and he wanted to take part in it. We arrived on Friday already, on Saturday went to walk around the city to collect caches again. Alūksne is a really beautiful city, by the way. And there's a lake which reminded me of Finland, of course ^^ But we didn't see much, as we had no time, and on Sunday we had to go home already.
Lake Alūksne
But next weekend also was great, as me, my friends from school (Gerda, Evija and Žanete), my and Evija's boyfriend went to the Summer Sound Festival in Liepāja. I also had my Name day on 13th of July, so we also celebrated it and listened to some good music ^^ I loved Brainstorm, of course, as they're always good, and also Skyforger - it was a nice way to spend the last hours of my Name day ^^ We walked around Liepāja for all day, I was totally exhausted, but I still was one of the crazy fans, who was standing in the first row, doing crazy headbanging and yelling all the lyrics :D At that night Gerda, Žanete, Evija and her boyfriend went home (as his mum needed a car on Sunday), me and my boyfriend stayed until the morning and then tried to catch a car to Riga. First car took us to Durbe, then the next one to Skrunda, and the last one finally to Riga, we even got there much faster that I thought (as all cars were full with people from the festival) :)
Agnis, Evija, me, Žanete & Gerda
Sunset ^^
Aloe Blacc concert (not much people yet)
A ship from Helsinki ^^
Venta river at Skrunda city
And this week it's raining quite heavily in Riga. On Thursday I took a holiday to hand in documents, and later went to walk around the city with boyfriend. Got to the Elkor Plaza shop and it started raining. While we were on the 2nd floor, the 1st one was flooded :D People were just standing there and could't get out. But the water wasn't the problem for us. You know the feeling of happiness, when you're running through puddles, laughing like crazy with a person you really love? As my boyfriend said - `yeah, we're not normal, but therefore we are much happier than everyone of them!` :)
The flooded shop, lol :D
And some more random photos:
First photo is at my work :) I love this beetle :D And me after grandma's birthday party.
View from the tower we climbed up one day
One more sunset ^^
And yesterday I organized some kind of family evening - baked some buns with sugar, home-made pizzas and made Sangria wine with fruits ^^ I'm getting old, I guess :D
Sangria with fruits
And that's all in short :) I hope I'll have some time to write about Sweden soon, as I also want to write about some of my previous trips to that country.
P.S. Recently I remembered about an awesome metal band Mors Principium Est. I looove them! ^^ And this album is my favourite this week ^^
Have fun and take care!

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  1. It was nice to hear from you after so long break and read all your new))))
    My congratulations on ur graduation and dream work) I'm really happy for you)
    And you look so cute with your boyfriend) Just remain crazy as long as possible)
    You granny looks amazing for her age!

    1. Thank you for nice words ^^
      And we will remain crazy forever, I guess :D

  2. Hello! I am new on your blog and this is amazing blog. I will follow you with love :)

    You had great time with all your family, boyfriend and all your friends. I am glad to see you as a very happy girl!

    Take care and nice to meet you :)


    1. I'm glad that you're here ^^
      Nice to meet you too :))

  3. Those reeds at Langa river look just like Laajalahti reeds in Espoo :D

    1. I'm glad that there are many things in Latvia that remind me of Finland ^___^


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