trešdiena, 2015. gada 7. oktobris

Icegirl is back ^^

Heey, my dear readers :) I know many of you don't follow me anymore, as I've been silent for two years already... But this evening, while my boyfriend is at work, I have some kind of nostalgia. Started to read old posts here and decided to write a new one. So many things happened, it's hard to tell you, but some short notes and pictures will do for now :)
Koli National park, Finland
2014 was a nice year for me, as I finally fulfilled my biggest dream - to live in Finland. Spent awesome 5 months there describing all my experience in another blog here. And another great event was getting engaged as soon as I returned from Joensuu ^^
Me and my friends, August 2014
Many other things happened - friends graduation, many parties with my girls, relatives wedding, excursions around Latvia and flight above Riga and Sigulda in a small plane ^^
Sigulda, September 2014
And this year I managed to get my Master's degree, visit Lithuania, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, travel around Latvia, to experience three weeks of field practices in biology in Taurene and my beloved Kolka, visit two awesome metal festivals, have fun at my friends wedding and many more happy things...
Minija, Lithuania, April 2015
Sakura, May 2015
On the roof of Science Academy of Latvia, May 2015
My graduation, June 2015
Cute little goat we met when we went horse riding in Ķekava, June 2015
Skyforger performing at Zobens un Lemess metal festival in Lone, July 2015
Me & my Mom, Croatia, September 2015
Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina, September 2015
And yes - we finally moved out of my boyfriend's grandma's house and now we are living with my grandma back in Riga. Only 15 minutes away from my work by bike, much more freedom and no stress about everything I'm doing in a foreign house ^^
Maybe I can finally say that I'm happy ^^
Have fun and take care ^^

4 komentāri:

  1. So happy to see you again and to read all your news)
    Congrats on graduation and of course on your new status - bride-to-be or how is it called?)))))

    1. Thank you! ^^
      Yes, my status is called bride-to-be or fiancée now, but in a little bit less than 8 months we plan to change that ^^

  2. So much has happened in just 2 years! =(^w^)=
    I hope there'll be more cool adventures in the future too!

    1. Yeah, sometimes things can change so much in a moment ^^
      Thank you! :)


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