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Eesti ^^

Hey there! :)
Today I will tell you about my little trip to Estonia last weekend. I didn't plan to go to Estonia this year, but me and Katja wanted to meet somewhere finally, and as I have the job and not so much time, we decided to meet in Tallinn, not Helsinki. So me and my boyfriend went to Estonia last Saturday night to see Katja and Henri :)
First interesting thing about this trip was that we didn't go to Estonia by bus this time, but by Scania truck :D While we were waiting for the car (it was about 2 a.m.) we were standing in the forest singing Latvian songs, but soon the driver collected us and at about 7 a.m. we were in Tallinn already. As Katja and Henri came a bit later, we had some time to walk around the city and collect some caches :)
This time I won't write much text, just put many photos in a long, long post, as I'm lazy and not feeling well :/
Admiral ship
Estonian museum of architecture
Fat Margaret's Tower ^^
Cute kitty in a local souvenir shop and flower festival :)
Love this locomotive ^^
I really love these views ^^
View on the Tallinn
The seagull ^^

Me & the seagull ^^

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Town Hall Square
Katariina Kaik
After this walk we went to check in the hotel and then went to meet Katja and Henri. Together we went to Tallinn zoo ^^ To be honest, I wasn't impressed with the zoo at all, our zoo in Riga is much better - more animals, newer and bigger buildings and cages for them and so on. But well - animals were awesome ^___^
Bohemian waxwings
My favourite camels ^^
Kitty sleeping ^^
There were many different goats in the zoo
Elephant ^^ Isn't it cuuuute? ^^
It looked like he was trying to look over the fence with his trunk ^^
Those cute little piglets were so small! ^^
Lynx ^^
Birds ^^
It was said that they feed animals with these :D
Nice view in the park
After the zoo we got back to the city, gave each other gifts, had a nice dinner in Chinese restaurant and me & my boyfriend went to the hotel to sleep, as we were too tired. And at the next day we went to Keila-Joa to see the waterfall, as it was one of my boyfriend's dreams :)
To say that this place is beautiful is to say nothing. I was totally surprised with the park, the river and the waterfall, of course! I could sit there all day watching it and it still wouldn't be enough for me. We were walking around, hugging trees, taking photos and just sitting and dreaming. And even though we were walking through lots of mud for a while, looking for a cache (I thought I won't get out of it, so Jānis told me to imagine that I'm an elf and can walk above the ground, and you know - it really helped :D ), I had to wash my feet and sneakers in the cold river and now I'm totally ill, Keila waterfall still remains one of the best places I've ever visited! ^^
The bridge over the river
Part of the Keila river from the bridge
The other part
The bridge
One of the trees I hugged ^^
First look on the waterfall through leaves
Waterfall & power plant
Imagine how amazing is to stand there!
...watching the power of the water ^^
Me and the waterfall ^^
I didn't dare to come closer with my camera (just without it, so no close-up photos)
Splashes ^^

After the waterfall we returned to Tallinn and walked around the city a bit more. Saw an amazing thunderstorm above the sea, got some crazy rain (and became totally wet) and walked in a park before going home :)
Thunderstorm ^^
Russalka monument
Looked beautiful after the rain ^^
Sky near Tallinn bus station
P.S. Katja and Henri, thank you for a nice day in Tallinn and the zoo :) I've almost finished the liquorice already, and those milky hazelnut wafer slices are my new addiction now ^^ Teas and the metal magazine still waiting for me to finish the previous ones from Finland and to feel better :)
P.P.S. Was listening to Imaginaerum while writing this post. Turned the music on when I started to write and it ended just after I finished :)

2 komentāri:

  1. We should one day do it again ^.^

    I'm so jealous of your camera T____T

    That seagull is HUGE! Does it live on the Fat Tower? Does it eat tourists? :D

    I knew you would like those hazelnut things ^____^ They're from Lidl as well. German sweets are so mmmmmm!

    1. Yeah, we should ^^ And I must also take you to Keila ^^

      My dad said yesterday that he loved your photos from Tallinn, so it's not about camera so much ;)

      Maybe it really lives on the Fat Tower :D And can attract tourists so well - just being so cute that they always come to take photos of it (and then the seagull eats them :D )


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