ceturtdiena, 2012. gada 13. decembris

Snow in Riga ^^

Heey! ^^
Finally I found some time and took some new photos to write a post here :) I never thought this study semester would be so hard that I won't have some time to post something here. But it seems that last few weeks always are crazy - I have two exams next week, have to write an essay about birds, do a homework about cluster analysis and analyze a scientific paper once again. And I'm totally ill now, we have to hand in our biomimicry project until 16th of December, tomorrow is a big Christmas ball to which I must go with my friends, and on Sunday Linda will celebrate her birthday, so I can't stay home. But you know, I love to complain about lack of time - it becomes a bit easier for me if I write everything here :)
First of all - once again, thank you, Ksu, for a cute Christmas card that arrived last week! Your wish (you know which one ^^) made my day! I hope it really will come true sometimes :)
Last Saturday I walked a bit around city center with my camera and took some photos. I really must find some free time and walk around there longer, taking photos of Christmas trees :) I did it in 2008 already, and now it's time to do it once again.
This is at the Bastion Hill's park :)
And these are photos from my mobile phone :)
The city canal. The clock you can see on this photo is at the main railway station of Riga :)
Christmas tree near the Congress House and Christmas decorations on Antonijas street.
And yesterday was the `magic date` - 12.12.12. :) How did you spend it? I even woke up earlier than always to take this photo:
And that's all, I guess, for today :) Now I just must survive until the evening of 18th December and then I'll have winter holidays ^^
How are you doing, my dear readers ? ^^
Have a nice day and enjoy winter!

6 komentāri:

  1. not sometimes but this year))) *about my wish)
    photos of the center are amazing! I\d love to visit it one day) but are red birds made of ice too? O_o

    1. Let's hope so :) I must get my Bachelor's degree first in May and then we'll see :)
      Thank you! It would be great if you could come to Riga one day, I could show you the city ^^
      The sculpture is made of wood or plastic, I guess (I didn't come close to it), so birds are also of wood :)

  2. I hope everything went well with your studies!

    Nice snow you've got there :) We have snowfalls almost daily lately. It's nice to have normal winter again.

    1. Everything was fine, today I passed my last tests, now just one exam in January and I'll finally get some sleep ^^

      In Riga it's also snowing every day and it's quite cold, but I love this weather so much :)

    2. Are you going to have talviuni? ^^


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