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Photopost: Christmas in Riga (35 photos)

As its Christmas Eve today, I finally went to the city centre to search for some Christmas trees :) There are many of them, as Art Academy of Latvia organize an event called `Way of Christmas trees` or `Ziemassvētku egļu ceļš` in Latvian. There are many different objects, but I didn't take photos of all of them, as it was very cold and we have a snowstorm today. Look what I've got for you :)
The Flying Tree (author: Studio des Fetes Latvija) / Christmas tree at Esplanade park
And also at Esplanade park is the Kingdom of Rabbits! ^^ There are 46 cute rabbits there, many houses for them and you also can feed rabbits with carrots and special cookies :)

One more rabbit / The Tree of Riga Rooster (author: Linda Lakstiņa-Lakstīgala)
 The light corridor
The Harmonic Tree (author: Ģirts Kalniņš) / Last Years Tree Nursing Home (authors: Ēvalds Vanags, Rihards Ābeltiņš)
 Honorary Gates for a Tree (author: Jānis Piķis) / The Secret of Winter (author: Liene Jākobsone)
The Tree of Light (author: Madara Lazdiņa)
Who Brought the Tree? (authors: Iveta Heinacka, Laura Bistrakova) / Ballet (author: Visvaldis Asaris)
Christmas tree near main railway station of Riga
The Laima clock - popular dating place for people of Riga :) And a snowman at the park near Bastion hill.
Laima's house of warmth and love :)
Opera house
Beavers ^^ (the real ones also live in city canal)
Ducks under the snow :)
Christmas gifts
Cute little horse at Bastion hill ^^
Piggies ^^ At Bastion hill are also many pictures and stories from Latvian fairytales.
The main Christmas tree of Riga at Dome square - The Tree of White Sparrows (author: Ināra Liepa). And there is also the House of Cats, sponsored by animal shelter Līči - the second photo is the view through the window.
And also there were three cute sheep there ^^ It's warm for them :)
Rozena street - the most narrow street of Riga. And the tree at Riga Town Hall Square.
The Blackheads' Building.
The Silver Tree (author: Inta Berga) / Anniversary Tree (authors: Māra Maižele, Uģis Bērziņš)
The Glass Tree (authors: Ernests Vītiņš, Ernests Ronis) / Tree - Cake (author: Armands Sidorovičs)
Candy Trees (author:  Jolanta Tūraite (Lithuania))
And the last Christmas tree for today - near Latvenergo :)
The web-site of the festival.
Merry Christmas everyone! ^^
P.S. Hopefully soon I'll write a post about everything that happened this year :))


  1. Atbildes
    1. Mama Zen, Merry Christmas to you, too! :))

  2. The Christmas trees are amazing! I even can't choose which one I like more. You live in a fairy-tale) and merry christmas)

    1. Thank you! :)
      Aren't there many Christmas trees in Helsinki? I haven't been there at Christmas or NY time, so I haven't seen them :)
      And merry Christmas! ^^

  3. Lovely shots! So much snowy beauty!

    1. Thank you! ^^
      Unfortunately, today is raining and no snowy beauty at all :(

  4. So many pretty trees! But animals are still prettier :D I want to see those rabbits and feed them carrots! ^.^

    1. I totally agree with you - animals are prettier than trees ^^ Those sheep were sooo fluffy ^^

  5. Atbildes
    1. Thank you! ^^
      And Merry Christmas to you, too! :))


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